Monday, September 10, 2012

Exercise One and Two

For those who didn't get a chance to watch exercise one and two today before godaddy blew up and took my with it, i've added the video here for you and i do apologize for the inconvenience

[youtube width="700"

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Intro Welcome video

So lucky for me I have another blog, on a different host, as godaddy is down at the moment.

Here is the intro / welcome videos ladies, for those who haven't had a chance to view it yet!

[youtube width="700"

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Leaving Feedburner - How I did It

So the toddlers...they're asleep.

And the teens...are back at their first day of school.

The Feedburner Saga Ends
I left Feedburner! Yay!

I gotta tell you, whenever I'm in my feedburner account or in a client's feedburner account because I'm moving her blog, I'm always nervous around that Delete Feed link.

I've never used it and the idea of using it kinda freaked me out.

So I'm always sure to stay far far away.

But it was TIME to use it.

And I did my research and

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Feeds on the Brain

So the Feedburner saga continues...

Well, not just feedburner.
I've got feeds on the brain from Feedburner to my Google Reader Feed list.
If i showed you how many blogs I'm subscribed to, you'd be appalled.


And then you'd probably laugh your ass off.

Bloody GFC.
Sure, I'll join this site...then I'm auto subscribed. but what's the point when GFC goes away for WP and I don't bloody use the Blogger backend?


I decided this morning to sit in Google Reader

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Is FeedBurner's End Near?

Harold Camping, a religious radio host, predicted that judgement day would be May 21, 2011 and the world would end October 21,2011.

Though Camping did admit to being wrong...

Maybe he meant October 12 not 21

Maybe he was off by a year.

And even more important than the world ending...

Maybe he meant the world as bloggers know it would end.

All around the web, the talk is, Feedburner ends October 12, 2012.

Many people keep asking if it's true.

I've got to ask, does it

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Mom Bloggers Who Are Learning To Kick Ass

So the two weeks is almost up and I've got to tell you, it's been way too much fun for me.

Hard work, but super crazy fun. Building great relationships.


I've been making youtube videos like crazy.

They're unlisted, only class members see them.

But I figured, what the hell, why not share today's class with everybody?

Or at least the video...

So if you've been wanting a sneak peak into the Google Luv's a trimmed version of Exercise 11.

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