Disclosure Statement

This blog is PR and Advertising Friendly. Please feel free to contact me at vsplace@msn.com for more info.

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 10 October 2010

Dear Marketers,

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me.

This blog will happily review:

products (cause free stuff is great, especially when you have no job),

web apps (if you're blog-useful),

and imaging apps (ya' here that Adobe?).

If I find that your product, web or imaging app is crap, I'll give you the option of my not publishing the review. I'll even send you back your crap, but on your dime.

This blog will happily accept:

cash for advertising space (money is a great way to say I love you),

sponsorship (yes, I want to go to BlogHer 2011 and will wear your t-shirts if they let me),

or other forms of compensation (an iPad is totally acceptable).

As a mom, this blog is ready and willing to review and post about campaigns for a good cause (Dove Movement for Self-Esteem, Click to Empower Domestic Violence Survivors, etc) that this mom believes in for no compensation at all and if time allows. At the very least, I'm happy to share the info so other interested readers can find you. However, this doesn't mean I will, just that I'm willing and may do so.

Any compensation received will never influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog.

Advertisements may be in the form of advertisements generated by a third party ad network.

Those advertisements may be identified as paid advertisements.

This blog may contain content which might present a conflict of interest and this may be identified.

Dear Readers,

This blog started as my way of sharing my experiences with you and networking with you. It's a relationship that I like to base on honesty. This holds true to this day and I plan to stick to this truth always.

However, I'm an unemployed mom of 4 who's sole experience is in the dying industry of print imaging. I job hunt everyday for 8 hours a day and it's not getting me anywhere. I'm bugging my professional contacts to the point where I'm sure they'll start marking my emails as spam.

Due to this, even though my blog is fairly new, I've decided, while unemployed, to try and avoid paying for the stuff I review (i.e. the EvenFlo ExcerSaucer, the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Line, etc) and hopefully get compensated in some way to review it. I'll still review things I purchase, especially if it will help psoriasis suffers, moms, or bloggers (or all 3, like me) and I'll be sure to let you know if it's a sponsored review or me just sharing.

I will never ever endorse something I feel is crap. However, if the advertiser is ok with me telling you it's crap, then I'll publish the post. Otherwise, I won't ever mention the thing on my blog. If it's something I've paid my own dime for, well then I will feel free to tell you if it's worth your dime.

Please note, what I think is great, you may not, so please consider my review posts as you would consider any review you come across. Purchase at your own risk and if it's a two-for-one sale, feel free to send me the other one. :-D

At some point in the future, you may find affiliate links on my blog. Please note that if I do proceed down that path, I'll not affiliate myself with any organization that I feel is worthy of the "Crap Award Of The Year".

As of right now, I have several links on my blog. Mainly links to other bloggers, blogger networks, social media sites and sites that offer plugins. I publish these links because I either enjoy the blogger's site or I'm being forced to get with the century and be virtually social or because I find the site's plugin useful.

Also, PLEASE, PLEASE NOTE: Not every post I write will be a review. Hell bloody no. I'm a mom, a wife, a woman, a blogger, an imaging specialist (hear that Adobe?), a psoriasis suffer, a book lover, a Vampire Diaries and Supernaturals addict, and many other things that I'm sure to blog about.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope marketers will still be willing to contact me after reading this, but most importantly, I hope my readers will stick around.