Monday, May 14, 2012

Weight Loss Scholarship Winner

Happy Monday!

I'm truly sorry for the lateness of this post.

This weekend, I needed to unplug.

It wasn't planned, there was no notice.

Two reasons why this was a bad weekend to unplug.
1. I was suppose to write this post yesterday.
2. I missed out on telling my fellow moms happy mothers day.
Two reasons why I had to unplug immediately.
1. It was Mother's Day and I owed it to my kids to give them my full attention.
2. Every time I focused my eyes to read ANYTHING, I literally became dizzy or nauseous.
A quick call to my doc with my symptoms and she suggested I "unplug" and just relax my brain. She was honestly shocked when I told her how many hours I've been spending at my

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